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I prefer contact via email if possible please, simply because having it all written down means i can check back on what advice and information i’ve given you months or even years down the line.
I occasionally get stuff like “you tuned my Saab a few years ago, it’s the red one, do you remember it?” where having a record of the aformentioned red Saab is much more preferable to the sarcastic reply that a question such as that actually deserves! 🙂

Appointments for visits are available during the day on a Friday at my Kirkby-in-Ashfield location and on Saturdays in Long Eaton, please email for latest availability.

Prices start from £90 for visits and £100 for postal tunes.
People question “why so cheap” to which the answer is “because i write and test the maps myself, i’m not a delivery boy who has to add his bit on top because he’s buying them in from someone else, i’m not VAT registered so there’s 20% saved, and i don’t have staff or expensive premises to pay for”.

The maps above are area guides only – they do not show the specific address for remapping visits.