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Saab 9-5 NoobTune car

The original Noob-mobile.

1998 9-5 2.0SE (150hp/250nm)

Sludge killed the original engine but she was given a new lease of life from a 60k B205 lump from Salvo breakers.
The GT17 turbo was replaced with a TD04 followed by a home-made 3″ downpipe. This served as my daily driver test bed for nearly 6 years. I fitted a direct link into the ECU so i could live log engine data on my half hour journey to and from work every day – that data is gold, better than any dyno!

Mrs Noob’s 9-3 ‘vert.

2 hours after buying this the camchain snapped due to the total and utter complete ******* in Walsall that sold it having manually tightened the tensioner to prevent the chain rattling.
It had apparently passed an MOT just prior to us buying it which VOSA were very keen to look at due to it having an EML on and worn suspension and brakes.

One B204 hybrid and some new suspension and she’s still going strong now.

This is what is required when you test what pressure a stock 9-5 intercooler will cope with.
This is intercooler #3, the first one ballooned the top and bottom 5 rows of the core at 1.4bar so a single clamp band was installed to stop that, but then because the pressure couldn’t escape, the second one blew the end tanks off instead. That took 1.7bar πŸ™‚

My stage 4 ’03 9-5 Aero next to a “proper” Viggen.

My current 9-5 wagon just prior to a lap of Cadwell.

I do like to see a nice tidy engine bay, don’t you? πŸ™‚

Stickers – free to map recipients – just ask.